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Stop Repossession in Idaho

Stop Repossession in Idaho

Stop car repossessionA car repossession can have far reaching impact on your life. It can cause a substantial strain on being able to get to and from work. Don’t let a car repossession impair your

Don’t let the loss of your vehicle stop you from getting to work? Repossession can occur when payments on an auto loan are missed and the financial institution takes or repossesses the collateral, which is the vehicle to satisfy some or entire loan.  Bankruptcy stops vehicle repossessions.

There is Hope and Help

The moment a bankruptcy case is filed the bankruptcy automatic stay is activated, which stops your creditors from repossessing your property. In come cases, we can even help you recover a vehicle that has already been taken.  Our Idaho bankruptcy attorney has the experience you need to stop or recover from a car repossession and help you get back on track financially.  Schedule a Free Bankruptcy Consultation today to find out what options you have.

Idaho Bankruptcy Auto Loans

Banks will usually sell vehicles that they have repossessed for less the the amount you owe. A deficiency is the amount the bank will try to recover from you after they have sold the vehicle. With the help of our knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney, we can help you avoid repossession or eliminate the deficiency.  Get the help and stress relief you deserve , contact us today.

Can I Restructure My Car Loan In Bankruptcy?

Car loans are secured debts that can sometimes be restructured in bankruptcy. In some cases your interest rate can be lowered and your principal can also be lowered in some cases.  At a minimum, filing bankruptcy will allow you to keep the car or truck a couple of more moths while you make arrangements for a different vehicle.

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Which Chapter of Bankruptcy is Right For Me?

Idaho Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Idaho Chapter 7 is frequently called a liquidation. Your property is designated either “exempt” property, which is protected or non-exempt, which is unprotected. Any unprotected property may be sold or liquidated (hence the term liquidation) on behalf of your creditors. Most people that file for chapter 7 don’t lose any property. Find out how our experienced Idaho bankruptcy attorney can help you protect your property in bankruptcy. Schedule your free Boise bankruptcy consultation today! Our Idaho Bankruptcy Attorney will help you understand your situation and guide you through the entire process.

Idaho Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Idaho Chapter 13 is a debt consolidation and repayment plan based on your disposable income. Your disposable income is determined by calculating your monthly income and subtracting your monthly necessary expenses. The repayment plan will normally last between 36 and 60 months. Chapter 13 has additional tools to restructure or rehabilitate secured debts like your mortgage, if you are past due, recover a repossessed auto, restructure interest rates, and in some cases reduce the principal balance. To find out how chapter 13 can help you, schedule a free consultation today!

$99 Down Bankruptcy

Need to file bankruptcy, but think  you can’t afford it? Think again! Our Affordable Bankruptcy Program allows you to file your bankruptcy case fast with $99 down and then pay the remaining fees after your case has been filed. Get more information now!


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File for only $0 Down. Unlike other Idaho bankruptcy attorneys, we don’t require all of the attorney’s fees to be paid upfront. See how we can get your case filed fast and pay the remaining attorney’s fees with a small monthly payment.

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Take your first step to financial relief by requesting a free bankruptcy evaluation. Our experienced Arizona bankruptcy attorneys will review you situation and recommend the best course of action. Get started today!

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Get your case filed fast for only $99 Down*. That’s Right! Our Low Cost Bankruptcy Program will get your case filed and then we’ll setup affordable monthly payments to complete your case, so you can pay the rest over time.


The attorneys and paralegals are quick, friendly and accurate. We need to file an emergency bankruptcy to prevent my husbands paycheck from being garnished and they got right to work to ensure the bankruptcy was Continue Reading

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